Heatilator Gas Fireplace - Any Ideas?

Hi! I’m new here and bought the Bond to control my gas fireplace. It does a great job on some of my ceiling fans, but despite repeated attempts, it cannot seem to control the fireplace (which I control via an RF remote transmitting at 903mhz). It indicates it learned the signal fine, but will not control at all.

I don’t see any mention of anyone using this with a Heatilator fireplace (on here or via Amazon reviews). I’m happy to test/try anything to get it to work, but not really sure where to start. Does anyone have any suggestions, or is there a way to confirm whether or not it will work? I have the FCC ID and I suspect it’s got some sort of code system to it (like modern garage door openers) based on things I’ve reviewed online. I wonder if I followed this video and used the bond after putting the fireplace into “learn” mode if that would work? https://www.heatilator.com/owner-support/use-and-care-videos/resetting-your-rc100-200-300-remote-control

Is there any hope? Any suggestions for what to try or where to look?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

I think you’re out of luck. Bond Bridge only supports 300-450MHz RF. Bond Bridge | Bond Supporting the 900MHz band would require additional radios and antennas that are not present in the Bond Bridge hardware.

Hi merck - thanks a lot for the reply and sorry for my slow follow-up! Also, I’m an idiot - I assumed it was 900mhz for some reason, but it actually transmits at 433.91mhz. Here’s the FCC info: https://fccid.io/ULE-RC300

Any ideas on what I might try next? Would love to get this working… :slight_smile:

I am using the Bond to turn on/off my Heatilator Fireplace with any issues. I followed the directions in the Bond Guide to utilize the fireplace remote pointed at the Bond and pressing a button on the remote. Insure you type the remote model number correctly if prompted, into the Bond app.

Thanks, dratcliffe! I deleted the fireplace, upgraded to the latest firmware, and tried again, but again without success. Can you tell me what remote control you’re using? Can you share with me the steps you used (or a link if available) to successfully pair/learn?

My Bond goes green during the learning process, so it seems to recognize and record a signal. I did fireplace on/off, flame low/med/high, fan on/off, and of course none of them work.

The Bond Software has changed since I purchased my Bond Bridge (black disk), I used Bond application version 1.150.0 with my Apple IOS iPhone. All I did was power up the disk and point my fireplace remote at the disk and pressed a button from the remote, it prompted me for the remote model# and I entered 1410-A or one of the other numbers found on the sticker stuck to the back of the remote.

I have the same remote and also could not get it to work. Bond support team replied to an email and it appears to not be compatible (even though it’s 434MHz). I see this message was from a while ago, did you ever find a way to connect this remote?