Bond Pro and Fireplace Remote RC-300

So I bought the Bond pro for the reason to control my Heat n Glo fireplace. The RF remote falls in the frequency covered by bond FCC ID ULE-RC300 but will not learn the remote commands. Bond support says that this remote is not compatable while another support says they are working on a fix. Anyone else in this boat or know of a work around?

I also couldn’t get it to work for my heat n’ Glo (though no problem with somfy blinds) … probably need a second gizmo to bridge the frequency problem … would have thought the large market. Share of heat n’glo would be interesting to Bond

Yep I spoke with tech at heat n Flo and they use a shared key during the bond. They will no release the documents as calling it proprietary. Not nice in the Sand box people!

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Imagine there’s no silos.
It’s easy if you try.
No incompatibilities.
One hub, all motors drive.

Imagine all the motors, playing nice in the sandbox.




Would love a work around to be able to turn off and on Heat and Glo with Bond

The work around is a remote relay to open and close the brown to brown contact wire. Works great