Google Home - Uplight and Downlight

Any plans to add uplight and downlight functionality to Google Home? I have a bathroom fan that has a light and nightlight. Only one light can be on at a time. Assigning uplight and downlight works in the Bond app to separately control each light. It would be great to see both lights in Google Home vs. just “Light”.

This is the fan I am using if that matters:

Any chance this is on the horizon? I see a similar post for Alexa here:



Yes this is on our near term roadmap. You will see it from us within a few months.


That is great, thanks for the update.

This is good news!

Since switching over to the V2 app and API integration with GHome, my dual-light fan has become one light. I’ve tried to circumvent this by using the recent Hubitat integration (thanks for that btw). That works but then I lose my fan speed controls since Hubitat sends it to Google as a switch and not a multi-speed fan. Unfortunately GHome doesn’t allow you to remove or disable a single device from an integration. Probably something for the Hubitat community.

This is also something we intend to implement: per integration/device export options.