Top/Bottom Lights with Amazon Echo Integration

My ceiling fans have up and down lights. Having two lights hasn’t integrated with Alexa who seems to only pull one light. Any word on when the integration would support both up and down lights? Or perhaps this will be fixed with the Wink hub integration as wink works with Alexa? Thanks!

You are right, other integrations will allow significantly more customization possibilities.

The workaround right now is, to create a new ceiling fan device in the BOND, call it “Living Room Top” or similar, and then delete the bottom light control. Similarly, you can create a “Living Room Bottom” fan, and delete the top light control. Then when Alexa discovers the devices, you can say “Alexa, turn on the Living Room Top Light” etc.

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I’m have the same situation with my 3 ceiling fans. Upper and lower lighting.

Isn’t the downside to the suggested workaround is it consumes another 1 of 6 devices that can be controlled by a single bond? One physical device in this configuration would consume 2 devices on the bond…