Fan Lights Not Showing for Top/Bottom Lighted Fan with Dimmer

This has been an issue for a while but I just realized I never posted it.
One of my fans has a top and bottom light. Both lights dim by holding the their button. Bond has them showing in the app, but the lights do not appear in Google Assistant.

You make a good point. Currently there is only ever support for a single “light” per device via integrations. We do intend to support independent control of each light via Alexa/GH in a future release.

Thanks for the info merck. Work around for now to just edit the remote to only include one light?

You could hit the + sign to add a new function, and select plain Light. If you receive a Panel with many buttons, say “No, this is not my remote” then say “Yes” at the single-function test screen.

Then you can probably keep the Top/Bottom light in the app, but achieve one or the other in GH.