Google Home Latency

Is anyone else seeing higher latency using Google home with Bond vs Alexa? Using the Bond app I’m able to almost instantly control my fan and blinds, Alexa takes a small fraction of a second and Google takes between 1-2 seconds to think before it sends the command.

My Phillips Hue lights don’t have this issue and communicate nearly instantly with the Google Home. Is this something on Google’s end or Bond’s?

Hey Jack — you may not be comparing apples to apples with the Hue analogy, as they may be controlled locally via Zigbee (not sure).

Do you have any other cloud based GH integrated products, and can comment on their perceived latency?

(We can and should add latency metrics here for the time between receiving a request from GH until we send the reply with stars update. @joaoricardo can help us with this next week.)

Thanks for the report. I use GH daily at home, and don’t notice a difference between Bond and Lutron Caseta latency, but we will take this seriously.

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Thanks for the reply.
I’m quite sure it’s a similar comparison as the Google home connection is via my hue account. No IP address and there’s no ZigBee in a Google home.

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