Garage door opener and TV remote capability

I’m currently in the market for a Bond Bridge so I’m researching if it is indeed compatible with the devices I’m intending on using it to control.
In my travels around the Internet I think I saw somewhere that the Bond Bridge software eventually would be given the capability to be used as an IR TV remote and to be used for controlling garage openers. Can anyone tell me if the software is capable of this yet or if not if you know if this is on the roadmap?

“OneClick” support for GDOs and IR TVs is currently not on the roadmap. They require massive investment to meet consumer expectations for flawless integration into A/V and security systems… You’ll readily find other hubs that meet those needs.

That said, it’s likely compatible at an RF/IR signal level, so a hobbiest may be able to achieve integration using Bridge and our API.

I do envision a Bond community where people like yourself can create and share device templates so that support can grow organically without us being a bottleneck. Much will depend on the response we get during the forthcoming beta sometime mid-year :crossed_fingers:


Excellent. Thanks for the prompt response (over a weekend and all) :+1:

I can tell anyone interested how I got the Bond to open/close (control) my garage door.

I never gave this a thought. I wonder if it would work with the MyQ garage doors.

Did you have to do anything special?

QQ – does the Bond bridge work with Garage Door openers – I have a Genie Intellicode device (remote model number is G3T-A), I understand they emit two frequencies 390 MHz and 315 MHz, I tried to program the Bond bridge using both the generic remote command and even for the Somfy shades where Bond has solved the rolling frequency problem , however was unable to make it work. Any help and feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Garage door openers are not (yet) officially supported.
No specific timeline updates that I have seen, either, as there are so many protocols and variations to handle.

I do not even have any workaround “hacks” to suggest for this kind of device.