Bond bridge issue, receiver and google home

Hello all,

First time poster here.

Im having issue getting consistent bond bridge sending signal to my receiver (maranzt sr7013). I think it is ir remote. I must put the bond bridge 6 inches away from the receiver to get somewhat reliability toggle function. Any help ?

Secondly, is everyone having issue with the google home not recognizing added 2nd or 3rd devices ? My google home only realize one device despite my attempts to reset bond, reinstall bond, clear catch, link and unlink

This could be so much useful if i can get bond to do what i ask


It’s possible that the IR signal you are trying to copy is not the same carrier frequency (38–40 kHz) or has too high a data rate, or otherwise uses some protocol that we cannot support. Bond Bridge’s IR support works well with some devices but not all.

As for Google Home seeing devices, try asking Google to “discover devices”. If that fails, try a swipe-to-refresh on the Bond Home app’s My Devices screen, then ask Google to discover devices again.