Remote recommendations for the Bond Bridge

Hi, I have recently purchased the Bond Bridge. I would like to use a remote that has say 4 buttons that can communicate with the Bond Bridge. Not for any particular device.

I would like to eventually integrate it into Home Assistant and then when you press a particular button, it could say activate an automation, etc. It is not for any one specific device.

I would just like a remote that is super reliable with the Bond Bridge and ideally the biggest range possible.

Howdy, Spaldo!

I think there may be a misconception here, if I am understanding you correctly.

A Bond Bridge only “listens” for RF commands while adding / learning a new device.
Other than those few moments during setup, a Bond Bridge only is used to transmit RF signals it has learned.
If you’re intending the Bridge to be a passive listener for RF signals all the time and then do something (via API or otherwise), I do believe you will be hard pressed to get that kind of functionality out of it.

If you truly ever only wanted to “listen” for RF signals, you could try the Scan option ( and related ) under the API by using a networked computer to issue Scans and monitor for specific signals, but I don’t think that’s an intended use case and not sure how stable it would be.

Thanks for the reply @residualimages . You are correct, I do want to listen for RF and then complete an action. Maybe I will have to look at other options then for the device :frowning:

Do you know of any other products that would do a similar thing?

It’s got a learning curve, but RTL-SDR / RTL_433 (misnomer since it does a wider range of frequencies) options are probably a good place to start with a relatively low entry price (other than time).
Home Assistant RTL_433 as an example.

Now, that being said, if you want a lower learning curve, but a higher price point, a Bond Bridge Pro with Bond Sidekick remotes can be used in direct-RF control mode, or Scene Mode – which allows me to listen for Sidekick remote presses via a computer running a script, and do whatever I want upon said presses.
Just a tiny bit more about these capabilities

Finally, if you have a Harmony remote and something that has the capability to run Hue Emulator / Emulated Hue (I’m a little fuzzy which versions still run on Home Assistant), I believe you could make a fake Hue Hub, then assign Smart Home buttons on the Harmony to fake entities made under that fake Hue Hub – and then have Home Assistant do things upon those fake entities getting an On or Off command from the Harmony.

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If you wanted to do it with Bond products, you can with Sidekick Gen2 and Bond Bridge Pro.

Sadly we don’t have a way to do this with Bond Bridge. You can scan for signals but it’s not going to be reliable and low-latency for keypad-like control.