Bond controlled fan using wall switch?

Hi everyone.

I’m installing several lights and fans in my home and purchased the Lutron Caseta switches which all hardline to my lights and fans, but also integrate with Google Home.

I discovered though that two of my fans are not pull chain, but are controlled through the remote only. I still want smart home integration so I purchased Bond to do that.

Here’s the question though. The wall mounted remote the fan comes with is ugly and I would love to use two Lutron Caseta switches (one for light control, the other for fan control) so that all my switches are uniform. Is it possible to power these switches on the wall and that when a button is pressed, they trigger an “on” command to my Lutron Hub, which talkes to Google Home, which talks to Bond?

Or any other switch (or two) that would fit in a gang slot and be able to be programmed to trigger bond. I’m assuming smart things may do this when integrated.

You got the answer right: you need some type of home controller that can integrate with both the Lutron switches and the Bond Bridge. I don’t know if the Google Home Hub can do that, but SmartThings, Wink, Homeseer, or an ISY 994i from UDI should have you covered.

EDIT: Also, you may be able to use IFTTT without having a local controller.

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FYI / as a caution: IFTTT support is kind of being sunset, at least from the Bond perspective.
@merck mentioned here that IFTTT is being offered (for the time being) as a courtesy to original BOND Bridge app users until they can “migrate to better solutions via API, community integrations, or SmartThings”.