Product Suggestion: Sidekick for Fans

Since most of the ceiling fans on the market only include a remote control, and hardly any have a companion wall switch available, it would be awesome if Bond had a “sidekick for fans” type of a wall switch to control ceiling fans.

In my simple head, it would be an in-the-wall remote for the Bond device to send a signal to the ceiling fan. If I can open up my app on my phone and state what command to which bond device I want executed, couldn’t Bond have an in wall switch with several programable buttons to mimic the same?

The wall switch would register with the app as part of installation, and then using the app one could configure each button on the switch to send the appropriate command for the appropriate device connected to Bond. In theory, button 1 could be configured to turn fan 1 on/off, while button 2 could be configured to turn fan 2 on/off, and button X could be configured to turn fan 3 & 4 on/off.

Bond could design a couple of in-wall-switch variations would allow me to determine if I wanted a 3-button, 5-button, or X-button unit to install. Bond could mimic the layout of some of the common in-wall ceiling fan designs (with all the multiple buttons), or come up with their own. Personally, I would want buttons for configuring to turn the fan on/off, reverse the fan direction, turn the light on/off, and toggle through the fan speeds.

There are some really nice fans on the market that I’d like to purchase, but only have a remote and no in-wall switch option…and that has no appeal to me as I don’t know where the remote will end up (and thus how I’ll ever be able to control the fan). Bond is in the perfect spot to build a generic in-wall ceiling fan switch to work with any ceiling fan.

If Bond really wanted to step up their smart home automation game, they would also have a temp/humidity sensor as part of their product line. This device could also be used to kick off a bond Smart Automation routine, such as ‘turn ceiling fan on when humidity is above x%’. I’ve got a vaulted ceiling, and the humidity / air-temp at that vault point is what I would like to monitor for automatically trigger the fan to run. An in-wall design (fits in a wall junction box) would be best as it would allow me to have a clean design … I’d have it flush in the ceiling or in the side wall near the vault peak, with the 120v wiring coming from the attic. Others might like a replaceable battery design for the sensor so they could move it around the house…but my goal is to trigger a ceiling fan base upon temp/humidity at the value peak.

Have you taken a look at a Sidekick in “Keypad / Scene Mode”?
I have done that for a fan known to my Bond Bridge Pro:

… and alternatively I have also just used a “listener” program running on a local computer to ‘hear’ BPUP events, specifically for Sidekicks’ keystream events, and have that computer listener hand off commands to other systems (which may or may not be RF enabled or even Bond-known).