Fan Speed - Sync Not Possible Between App and Remote?

I finally installed a couple of the SBB universal kits on 2 fans (the kits you can get at Home Depot).

I noticed something now that I don’t remember seeing before - the tiny LEDs indicating fan speed on the remote do not seem to sync up between what is in the app.
For instance, I set the fan on speed 4 via the remote, change the speed to 3 in the app, press the fan speed button on the remote, and the fan goes to speed 1 and the remote LED cycles down also to speed 1.

I assume by design the remote is only a transmitter vs a transceiver, and therefore cannot know / receive status updates.
In a way, this argues the point that maybe a remote should not have LEDs indicating any certain speed, and the SBB protocol should only send an action of “increase speed with over max value wraparound” when a SBB transmitter sends the “my fan speed button got pressed” signal.

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You’re 100% right. That’s a design issue on the remote control. Due to the 1-way nature of the communication from remote to receiver, remotes should not store any internal state. These remotes do remember the previous speed that you requested. Our brand partners now recognize this. So the dozen or so subsequent remote control designs for SBB products do not remember any state.

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Though I’d love a 2 way remote (transceiver) just for fun factor, I understand the limitation.
Thanks for confirming that this is known and being addressed with partners in future revisions. :slightly_smiling_face: