Fan slow to respond if at all

One of my fans is not responding consistently. This is an F2 remote fan. It was working fine till the latest update. I tried removing it and re-adding it. I tried the beta app and regular app. I am not sure what else to try. It responds normally to the controller that came with it. I am able to get the app to work but it may be slow or it does nothing. It also responds to the API at about the same rate. Has anyone else seen this?

I have to other fans in bond as well. They work without issue.

Hey James - I was trying to find the thread I vaguely remember but I can’t seem to, right now.
I believe it’s been reported once or twice, but a power cycle or a firmware update have fixed the issue?

(Edit: here is one)

Thanks for the reply :). I updated to the latest beta this morning and everything started worked as intended again.