Duplicate configuration from one bridge to another?

Duplicate configuration from one bridge to another? I have a large area to cover between devices… with walls and other structures that at times limit signal strength the bond bridge transmits. Is it possible to clone a bond bridge configuration, so that I can have two or more bond bridge units work in respective areas but control the same devices?

So bridge 1 would control devices 1,2,3, and bridge 2 devices 3,4,5… but both bridges would really have the complete configuration for devices 1,2,3,4,5,6. This is redundant, but would let me adjust and move the bridges around so that I could place them for the most consistent function.

It would seem like an easy thing to do via the API, to export configuration, and input it to an additional bridge. But I don’t see an obvious way to do it with direct ease.

Any suggestions? Seems like it would be nice feature to just be able to export the entire device tree, with commands to a file, say CSV format or something, then import that file to another bond bridge. May add it to the API?

You can Backup and Restore from one Bridge to another via the app (for sure if you’re in the Beta channel, not sure if it made it to public/main channel yet?).

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Ah. That is great. I am not as yet in the beta channel, but I can do so, if possible. I am a 30 year IT enterprise architect, retired now. So beta testing, QA, QC, etc. are all known animals to me, and then some.

Should be able to switch in the main Bond app settings (not on an individual Bridge settings page):

Welcome お陰様! Thanks for the good questions and ideas.

You can use Backup & Restore to copy the devices to a second Bridge unit. However, I’d recommend that you delete devices on one or the other Bridge so that there’s no duplicates. The duplicates would present in the app as separate devices which seems confusing. Better to just have the devices loaded onto the closest Bridge, and use Backup feature for redundancy.

It would be easy if you could GET the whole tree and just POST it back. But it’s not quite that simple, and it turned out to be much simpler for us to have the firmware able to generate a binary backup and push it to a local HTTP server—this is the Backup & Restore API.

NOTE: One current downside of having two Bridges is that, if they transmit at the same time on the same frequency, they will collide and you’ll have unreliable control. So you’ll need to set their Schedules one minute apart. — We will be adding a Group feature soon, at which point we’ll need to add some underlying mutual exclusion mechanism whereby the Bridges can negotiate access to spectrum, resolving that problem. But that’s music of the future, as they say.

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Yes, I plan to clone the configuration but then remove select devices, to in fact only have each device one of the two bridges. I just did not want to go through the learning cycle again of course.

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I have everything setup on my BOND Bridge. It’s a WiFi connection as you know. I didn’t know there was a BOND Bridge Pro with Ethernet. Would I be able to backup my Bridge and restore to my Bridge Pro? If yes, do I still need to be on the Beta channel or is this standard now?


It’s released to the “stable” channel. So, either way is fine.


Thanks, just placed an order for a Bond Pro!
I might actually just setup everything from scratch once device at a time.
I’m trying to get all the fans to show up in homekit via the homebridge plugin.
Here’s the other post I made about it:
github com/aarons22/homebridge-bond/discussions/205
(it wouldn’t let me post the link above so added a space between hub and .com)

Hey Jon, welcome! And thanks for your order!

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