Migrating settings from Bond Bridge to Bond Bridge Pro

I have been using a Bond Bridge to control blinds, fans, lights and the fireplace. I have multiple schedules configured for the blinds, to stop the sun heating the house at different times throughout the day.
I recently got the Pro and I was wondering if there is a way to migrate everything over to that unit rather than having to set it up from scratch. Could I backup all the settings then restore them onto the Pro?

I don’t believe there is an automated way yet (nor an API bulk method).

However, it may be possible for Bond to do so on the back end if you contact support (https://olibra.zendesk.com/ or customerservice@olibra.io).

If one of the Bond staff come through here (@merck / @endy / others), they may be able to respond with other options.

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Thanks. I’ll try that

This isn’t something we support as of now, sadly. However, we feel your pain. We’re discussing how we might be able to support this without opening a massive can of worms. We might be able to give support team the ability to perform backup/restore before we get it into the apps. Would be a number of weeks though, it’s a development project.


Thank you for the feedback.