Does Bond know what I do with a separate remote?


I don’t have a Bond yet but am in the market to buy one. I’m curious: does Bond know if I use a different remote to, say, turn a fan off? (i.e. does it listen for RF events emitted by the original remote?) Or does it only track the last state Bond set itself?


Currently the Bond Bridge does not know if you use other remotes (unless they are smart remotes integrating / controlling the fans with Bond’s API).
If your particular fan has states natively (sends a different code for on and off vs just sending the same code as toggling), then this isn’t an issue. Those seem to be more rare though, as most I’ve seen are toggle based.

It does not know what you do with a different remote, it simply tracks what it sent last. We’re in the very early stages of planning listening for RF passively, but due to hardware limitations, this will almost certainly be confined to one small band of frequencies at once.