Deebot vacuum control?

How about Deebot and other robot vacuum control? Are the Debit and other vacuums RF remotes using a channel that Bond can work with?. I would love that…

Post a pic of the remote and the FCC ID if you can find it, it should help them answer if this is possible.

Got it. Below are remote front and back, button defs, FCC ID, and specs, etc.

@merck HAPPY to beta test anything that could be done w/this. :slight_smile: There are a lot of Deebot and similar owners who would love to have some control over these robot vacuums that don’t have built-in smart support. They do offer control via a phone app, but that depends on wi-fi connectivity, and doesn’t let me set (when Bond ST integration is ready) a webCore piston that says “if doors x, y, and z are closed (bedrooms where we don’t want him to go), start Deebot in Auto mode at 8:30 AM.” Current scheduling is “dumb” and runs even when we forget to close doors.

This model is the Deebot N79, extremely popular on Amazon, 4.5 stars, 3,400 reviews. (I LOVE mine.)



From the FCC ID, it looks like this product actually operates on 2.4GHz WiFi. They are probably using hybrid mode WiFi, where the vacuum cleaner advertises a (hidden) network that is used by the stock remote control, while it can simultaneously connect to your home AP as an option.

As fas as I can tell, there’s no SubGHz component that you can control with the BOND. We have seen other RC vacuum cleaners with IR or SubGHz controls however.

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Thanks for the feedback. Oh well, it would have been nice, but we’ll survive. :slight_smile: