Control Qmotion Gen1 shades

Anyone know if Bond can learn an older Qmotion multi-channel shade remote?

Remote model QTL74
FCC ID: X6P-HR110845

That looks like QMotion Gen 1 (434 MHz OOK), as opposed to Gen 2 (434 MHz FSK), or Gen 3 (Zigbee).

We cannot do Gen3, we tried to do Gen2 but couldn’t get it to work reliably, and Gen1 is unknown to us. — You can try raw-recording (“Other” in the app).

They are Gen 2 shades. I couldn’t get it to work…it learned the codes no problem when I pressed the buttons on the remote, however when I tried to test them from Bond, the shade did not respond. I believe this may be because they use “rolling codes”?

Hmm, is Zigbee Gen4 maybe?

If you have FSK (which I thought was called “Gen2”), then it’s not going to work. Sorry.