Compatibility question on devices not in db

Good afternoon,

I’ve got 3 RF based devices in my new house. I wanted to see if any of these are supported or not, and understand any limitations before purchasing. Fingers crossed since this looks like a really nice and well supported platform!



Blinds/shades (Budget Blinds)

Ceiling Fans

(Edit: it looks like I have answered part of my question- ceiling fan runs in 2.4ghz spectrum, so that’s unsupported. The others are in either 300 or 433mhz space)

Welcome to the forums!
It’s a nice little community, and some of the Bond staff are able to stop by and help us from time to time.

As for your devices -

  • K9LSP1001TH : not supported
    Not sure if it is a weird RF or what exactly that the Bond team says it is unsupported currently - so I don’t know if that will change in the future.
    Also note, automating fireplaces can have extra nuances to them (some brands need the original remote to have its batteries removed or similar once set up)

  • 2AGGZMT020101069007 / Budget Blinds : not found directly on Bond’s compatibility website.
    Seems the FCC listing says they’re a Rollease motor? If so, check this out, making sure to get a second generation Bond Bridge (BD-1000) or a Bridge Pro (BD-1750).

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I’ve got some updated info that suggests these blinds/shades could be a somfy driven product. Seems as I might have some options if this is the case.