Centric Air Whole House Fan

Anyone have any experience with Centric Air controllers ?

New to this business but from what I’ve gathered so far on the forum it seems like I won’t be able have the Bond control my fan :


  • Application: 915MHz Ultra Low-Power Sub-GHz Transceiver Module

If thats the case anyone have any workarounds ? Have considered wiring to a smart light switch but would prefer to use existing wireless setup if at all possible.

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Welcome, @whyidie .

As you’ve gathered, there isn’t support for a device at 915 MHz.

(Official hardware level supported frequencies in Bond Bridge: ~300-500 MHz [Serials starting with ZZ support 285.5 - 505.5 MHz, older models with serials starting with A or B only support 300 - 450 MHz])

There are some accessories you could maybe automate with a Switchbot.
You could also look into the physical SPI connection on the fan?
Or the MiWi standard
for which it may have support? There’s a demo kit with a transceiver if you’ve got a bit of DIY programmatic trial and error.

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