Light programing with Casablanca fan

I have a Casablanca fan with a battery operated wall remote see photo) and hand held remote.

I can program the fan speeds but am unable to have my light turn on and off.

Here is my hand held remote:

Did you attempt to program the Bond Bridge via your handheld remote, or the wall control / remote?
When you went through setup, did it give you an option (after testing one or two buttons) to use a template?
(If you don’t remember, if you go under the device in the Bond app, go to Settings on that device and expand the Advanced section, it’ll say Template right above Local Token, if indeed it had a Template; if it does, which template is it?)

As an aside: that remote reminds me of one I had in a previous house; does tapping the up or down on the light turn on and off, and holding dims it? I think the handheld remote has a power button on the side for the fan on/off? I was able to get the fan and light to all work but can’t remember if I had to try to learn the device multiple times until I got it just right.

I think residual is onto something… Try just a very brief tap when trying to program the light.

Just came on this site in search for info on the compatibility of the Casablanca remote control 99020 with my bond bridge.

There is a significant short comings when bond identifies the control c2 template which leaves speed 4 and the reversal (summer/winter) out. Any way to get this remote recognized with a more appropriate template. I am happy that the dimer function of the light is captured.