Cannot Add Any New Devices

I have a bond that I bought about 4 years ago. I’ve used it for most of that time without issue.

Earlier this year, it seemed to keep rebooting. The devices wouldn’t work. I factory reset it a few times. No luck. Here are a few things I tried:

Restore from backup. Devices get loaded. All looks good. Green dots all around. If I select a device, it opens to the commands. Select a command, nothing happens. Go back to the devices screen. All items have loading arrow. Then, all go grey. Bond reboots. All turn green after a few minutes. Same thing then occurs. I can repeat this over and over.

If I don’t do the restore and instead, factory reset, then add devices manually, it never finds the devices. I’m trying to setup a ceiling fan. TX029-RS. Same remotes I have loaded for years. The command is never found. In the past, it used to pop up that it found B2. Instead, it just loads for 30 seconds and then it says Ooops.

I’m even tried to install the Beta firmware. v3.17.4-beta. To be clear, I’ve tried factory resets with release firmware and beta. I only went to beta because nothing else worked, so why not try it.

My bond now states it is online. However, I can recreate the issues every time.

Hey Patrick, now, I cannot even remember the last time I said this, but it sounds like a hardware issue, where when trying to talk to the radio IC it runs into an exception. When I check our online exception logs, I don’t see any entries for your unit, but it’s possible that the exception is occurring but not being reported for some reason.

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OK, can you verify what device or account you are checking?

Sent by DM. Am pretty sure I’m looking at the right one.