Bridge Firmware v2.9.1

We’ve just pushed out firmware for Bond Bridge units with serial numbers starting in ZZ (and now A and B, too). This is a bugfix release of interest to a handful of users.

A big thanks to the users with older Somfy shades who helped in debugging the Somfy support fix! – Note that you do not need to re-setup your Somfy shades to get the fix, just upgrade the firmware.

The upgrade is available through the official app on the App Store & Play Store.


Date : Tue Oct 8 15:52:15 EDT 2019

Changes since v2.8.2

New Features

  • Add offline support for RCF132 and RCF119v2 remotes (#625)

This includes the following models / FCC IDs:

  • UC7204T
  • CHQ8BT7098T
  • CHQ7204T


  • Somfy Shades: fix for some older shades not opening/closing fully (#629)
  • Remotes: fixes for A3 double dimmer, RCF84, RCF118, RCF132, and RCF119v2 remotes (#628) (#626) (#619)
  • Fix for trust_state button (#627)
  • updated WiFi driver with better support for Mesh networks including Google Wifi [zermatt only]

I am now deploying this firmware version for the remaining Bond Bridges (those with serials starting in A or B)

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I updated to the latest firmware now I have to reboot my bond and after a few minutes I get an orange circle and no network connection. Any ideas what is causing this with the latest firmware update? Version 2.9.5. Thanks

This seems to happen occasionally, and it typically seems to “just fix itself” after a short period. We haven’t yet identified the cause. One suggestion I have for you is to power cycle your router.

We are trying to reproduce this issue so we can effectively squash it, but it as of yet hasn’t happened in the office or any of our homes.

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Thank you! I will try what you suggested later tonight.

I have rebooted the bond and router. Every few hours now I get the orange circle and no connection whatsoever. I have to keep rebooting it now. I have not changed the location of the bond itself and never had any problems until this new firmware update.

Ouch, okay, trying to identify what could be the culprit here… this occurred on your first update after switching to the new app right? So from a v1 firmware to a v2 firmware?

You are correct v1 firmware had no problems but v2 seems to have this problem and that is when it started. I’m looking at the bond right now and it has the orange circle and I rebooted this morning.

I received firmware 2.10.8 and now the orange (disconnect) light coming on is even more frequent. Rebooted the bond and router. Bond ID starts with BB. I’m lucky now if the bond stays connected 15mins at best.

Is there any update? The orange circle is now constantly coming on the unit.

Please contact and request an exchange due to “orange ring” issue. The newer hardware should be able to connect to the network without a problem.

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ever since the roll our of the new app and this update I have to almost reset my 2 hubs daily to get them to work. Is anyone else having this issue?

We’ve had a few customers who experienced incompatibility with their WiFi networks when using the earlier hardware (serials starting with A or B) with the new v2.x firmware. If this effects you, reach out to customer service and we’ll get you taken care of. — Sorry for the hassle.