Bridge Firmware v2.10.15

Hey all, I’ve just released v2.10.15 firmware to all bridges. We really need a way to get notes into the app, but for now, you can read them here:


Changes since v2.10.8

Most relevant to general users:

  • Fix trust state interaction with some template devices.
  • Fix Siri Shortcut interaction with Timer commands
  • Add timers to F2 remote, fix F2 Fan+Light off button to just be fan off, add timer off to B2 remote

Less relevant but still visible to general users:

  • Small tweaks to remotes: Motorized shades command names are now Open/Close to match the actions, and the icons have been updated, a few fans went from toggle to no toggle (simplifying things), fixed some timer names

Deeper changes, least user-facing:

  • Add Bond ID to Snowbird sys/version endpoint
  • Fix interaction between transmission and the database that’d result in database corruptions
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Silly question - how do I update the FW? Or the bridge does it automatically?

The app would offer you and upgrade in the form of a yellowish indicator on the Bond on your dashboard.

This firmware is only distributed through the Beta mobile app, which you could sign up to receive here: Bond Public Beta Link.

Thanks @jacob, I don’t think I should be using Beta while developing integration for the users.

Okay, well, I’m hoping to get this firmware to the full userbase sometime next week, you could get it then.