BPUP Firmware Version?

I see in the docs that BPUP is available in firmware 2.10.2 but it seems the latest firmware is 2.9.5 when I try to update. I’d love to try to get BPUP support added to my Hubitat integration. Any ETA?

We’ll get a beta version out early this week.

Great! Unfortunately though I don’t think this will work with Hubitat. I think it would need to be TCP. From what I’m reading I can only get a single UDP reply, I can’t leave the socket open. I’m going to give it a shot though.

@dman2306 v2.10.8 is available now, and it includes BPUP. I really hope you can make it work with Hubitat!

Unfortunately it will not. Hubitat only supports receiving a single udp reply it won’t leave the socket open. Is there any chance of supporting tcp like we originally were considering?

Unfortunately the TCP solution doesn’t scale well to the Smart by Bond devices. I’d like to see whether Hubitat can improve UDP support, since the implementation would also be more efficient on their end.

Perhaps you could reach out to them? Maybe as another vendor building a nice local API they’ll be interested in working with you? Otherwise not much I can do. I posted the suggestion but I’m sure it’s not high priority.