Bridge Firmware v2.10.8 Beta Release

Hey all, I’ve just made v2.10.8-beta available for all Bond Bridges.

Changes since v2.9.5

  • BPUP (Bond Push UDP Protocol), a protocol designed to push state updates to interested clients.
  • Add a lot of local remotes, fixed a couple that had some bad behavior as well

(In detail, if your remote has one of the following protocol “names” in the results, it is now controllable locally: RFP18, RCF103, RCF181, RCF94v2, RCF185, RFP12, RFP23, RCF137, RFP7, RFP8, RCF111v2, RCF140v2, RCF138, RCF142, RCF143, RCF87, B5, F2, G1)

  • Allow disabling token authentication (Just PATCH disable in the token endpoint, see the docs)
  • Various RF optimizations