Status of BPUP on Bond Bridge Pro?

I’m running a Bond Bridge Pro on firmware v3.21.3.1. I have a repeating command being sent to the Bond Bridge Pro every 60 seconds that contains just the newline command. That returns the following string via UDP -


I don’t receive any other UDP messages for changes in state of the fan.

Is there something I’m missing? Do I need to be on the Beta firmware to enable BPUP?

I’m not aware of a regression here, but we don’t have an automated test. Will try to check this on our release testing.

@merck - Can you please advise the current status of BPUP on the Bond Bridge Pro? I just wish to clarify if there’s an issue in my home network or whether the fault is in current firmware (v3.21.3.1).

@Icarus my apologies for the late reply.

I can confirm that:

BPUP is operational on v3.21.3.1 / BD-1750:

BPUP is operational on a recent dev version (similar to the current v4.4.1-beta):

And that I am a huge mythology fan:

Hi @merck. Thanks for the reply. I’ve just updated to v3.21.3.6 on a Bond Bridge Pro. As before, I get a successful reply to the keep-alive transmission of \n. The reply is -


I don’t see any other UDP responses to On/Off or speed change.

The Bond Bridge Pro is powered via POE. Is there anything I might try to narrow down the issue?

For info, the \n command is sent via a Loxone Miniserver using /dev/udp/

Do you have any other machine available on that network to test some listening scripts?
I power my Pro with PoE and have had no problems with my ongoing BPUP monitoring scripts, across all versions up to and including 4.4.1 beta.

Yes, I’ve got a couple of Raspberry Pi’s. Both have Node Red. I would welcome testing the listening scripts you mentioned.