Polling the BPUP? Crestron related question

Howdy All.

First off I’d like to thank Jay for his Crestron module, it’s works beautifully.

I’ve written a companion module to access feedback via BPUP, and it also works well. If anyone wants it let me know and I’ll put it on my Dropbox for you. It only does fans however since that’s all have on the Bond.

My question is if there is a way to force a device to send it’s info via BPUP on demand. I know I can do it via HTTP and retrieve the FB from the reply, but it would be cleaner to just be able to give the device a kick and not have to decode the response from the HTTP side also.

The point is to be able to easily force a sync after a program restart, or any other time things have gone awry.


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I would be interested in seeing your Crestron module.