Bond Pro First Impressions

My first impression is very positive. It paired to all the Somfy blinds (21 groups) (unlike the regular units) right off the bat and reached them all from a central location. It also paired well with one fan but having an issue with the last fan, it seems to learn the codes but can’t get the codes to operate the fan from the bond pro, maybe that frequencydoesn’thave as good of range as the Somfy.

Very happy that it solved my main issues of how many somfy blinds it could pair with and how far away they are.

POE works great, but it still wanted to connect to WiFi, shouldn’t it just use the ethernet cable to talk to the network?

One other small note, the case is too opaque to tell what the led rings are, almost need a clear plastic portion gor that top circle.

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll address your concerns:

:boom: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Glad to hear. We went through the trouble of standards compliance testing for the PoE to ensure broad compatibility with PoE injectors and switches.

Sorry about that, this is resolved in the v2.30.0 app update. Was just a matter of presenting the options properly in the app.

Once you’re connected via Ethernet, there’s always the option of adding Wi-Fi in the Network settings as a backup in case your Ethernet cable gets eaten :mouse2: , but the Bond Config AP will not appear and the app will not ask you to set up Wi-Fi.

Indeed the beta units we sent out had defective top covers (wrong plastics mix). We’ve now got improved top covers that let light through, and will fulfill the pre-orders with better plastics.