Bond not reachable locally

I can use the app, but when I try and ping the bond bridge from a console, or integrate it using the IP address it times out. I know the IP address is correct because it is statically assigned, even if the information page doesn’t display the IP address. I have also tried using the Bond ID (ID.local) with the same result. Do I have a bad unit?

Hey Brent, It’s hard to imagine how that issue could be caused by a bad unit, so I think an exchange would be a waste of your time.

If the Bond Bridge is working via the app when phone is using cellular data (WiFi is disabled) then we can conclude that the Bridge does have an IP address and is successfully communicating on the WiFi network, at least at Layer 2 (Ethernet) with the router and Layer 3 (IP) with the internet. A Layer 3 communication failure between two devices locally could be caused by:

  1. Wrong IP address for Bridge. Try checking your DHCP server’s client list. Perhaps the statically-assigned address is not being used for some reason.
  2. Bridge is on a different subnet (such as on a different WiFi network, but could also happen if the Bridge is given a static IP from a different subnet). — If you’re unsure, you can post here your PC’s IP (and subnet mask) plus the Bridge’s IP (and subnet mask). There’s no privacy concern with local IPs.
  3. Does your WiFi router have some kind of security feature that prevents clients from communicating with each other? I do recall seeing such a feature before, and that certainly could be a wrench in the works.

Also, @CrossfireX, you can check the IP address that the Bond thinks it has, as reported in the app: Bond Settings > Network Info.

Resolved the issue with some WiFi security settings on the router, not obvious but was causing an issue.

I was going to direct you to this page
Because I have learned many times wireless isolation gets turned on to prevent WiFi devices from talking to each other, and rarely do people realize this security feature is does not actually offer much security but turn it on think they are securing their network.

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