@merck is there a way to be included in the beta? I was unable to obtain a Bond until today. I have users who will want this integration with HomeSeer as soon as this is out of Beta.

Thanks for the consideration.

Hi @FrankThompson, if your BOND’s serial number starts with Z then you can already use the API today! If not, hang tight, we will have an expanded beta available soon.

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@merck Is there any update as when we can expect a public release? I would love to get access soon. Thanks.

Bit surprised and disappointed not getting any reply after 2 weeks. In fact it looks like there has been no activity on the forums for just as long.

@kenn - you don’t happen to have a BOND Bridge that has a serial number beginning with Z, do you?

No it starts with BB.

Sadly, then, just as you expected, you’ll have to await public release or see if @merck announces another Beta testing wave.

@kenn Hey Kenn, sorry for the inactivity here! I’ve just released a more polished version of the V2 firmware, and am now opening the beta for Local API. I’ll private message you to get you set up.

@jacob hey mate, i’m keen for a bit of open beta action as well if at all possible. cheers

Great! A public link will come soon, but for now, anyone who’d like to participate can send me a direct message.

Edit: send me your account email and whether you use Android, iOS, or both.

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Please add to me to the beta. Thanks!

I’d like to join the beta. Can you send me a link to < redacted >? For ios

I am interested in participating in the Beta.
kbailey90@google without the oogle

has anyone been able to leverage the open api to work with smartthings/webcore?

Uncertain how best to help since I am not a SmartThings user but I also have been curious about this.
Apparently someone did some work with Bond + IFTTT + SmartThings webcore prior to the Local API Beta:
“Fan control from the minmote (which requires IFTT using Webhook commands to Bond Home device) is done via webCore.” (link:

Please add to this beta.

Edit: email removed.

Could you please add me to the IOS beta

Please add me to ios beta. Thanks.

Please add me to the iOS beta for testing integration !

For @visualdmx and others, you can sign up yourselves directly here:

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