Sudden loss of functionality

I have 5 fans 3 with lights. All of the fans are about 10 years old. Two are altura 68 inch fans with no lights. Two are Minke contractor specials with lights and one that has a forgotten heritage with a light.

I have been able to program the Bond to control all of the fans/lights.

My problem is that occasionally one ore more of the fans will quit responding to the bond using the Alexa interface or the Bond app.

How ever the actual fan remotes still function properly.

Empirically I feel that the more I use the Bond that the failures get spaced out over a longer period of time.

When a failure occurs it can be difficult to regain control. Rebooting the Bond does not seem to help.

I generally have to retrain the toggle on/off key and low speed key many times before the Bond becomes functional again.

Any explanations as to a possible cause of the failures?

Check under Device > Settings > Advanced > Trust State. If this option is enabled, please disable it, and see if that helps.

The two Altura Fans ( the ones without lights) have never had the ‘Trust State’ turned on.

To help clarify for when Chris Merck comes back through the thread-- your issues with the fans not responding are more than just the light kits (for any of the fans that have them), and definitely include loss of functionality (in the Bond app as well as the Alexa integration) for some, or all, fan speed / power toggle / direction / etc commands?

And when you have issues with the Bond app not controlling those fans, is your phone connected to the same WiFi network as the Bond Bridge is configured to use?
Any LEDs blinking on the Bridge (turn up blue light level if it’s at 0%, to troubleshoot) when you press a button in the Bond app?