Bond Bridge Factory Reset

Hey guys,

Had to take the office testbench bond home from work to do some development (we’re all working from home due to Covid-19). Anyway just needed to find out how to factory default it so i can reset it back up again.

Any help would be much appreciated.

All good i figured it out. Pinhole.


Right, for anyone finding this topic later, a bit more info:

Hold the pinhole button, near the power supply, until the lights flash green to reset just the WiFi settings. This’ll allow you to set it up on new WiFi, switch ownership, etc.

Continue holding until it goes white to clear the entire database, in case you’d like to start from a clean slate. You’ll lose all settings, devices, etc.

Both of these sorts of resets can also be performed in the mobile apps by selecting the Bond Bridge, tapping the settings button, and choosing “Remove Bond Bridge”. You’ll be given both of the above options.