Announcing enhanced support for Somfy RTS blinds in Control4

The Somfy Generic RTS/DCT Control4 driver by Domosapiens is significantly enhanced with the addition of Bond support.

Also, the driver is rearchitected with the new Multi Interface driver (several instances may be installed in the same project to render the connection possibilities almost limitless).

This Domosapiens driver features an advanced timing and control mechanism to simulate positional control ('Open blind to 60%") for Somfy RTS and DCT (Dry Contact) blinds/motors. In addition many additional features are supported, such as Driver Scenes.

This driver supports virtually all devices capable of controlling Somfy RTS blinds/motors: Bond Bridge, Somfy myLink, Somfy RS485 RTS Transmitter, Somfy URTSI and URTSI II.

This driver is available at: Somfy Generic Control4 driver by Domosapiens

Paul Biron
Domosapiens Inc.

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Hey Paul, can you share a screenshot of how it looks on Control4? Although of course it’s up to you and C4 to support this, I’d like our customer support team to have some idea what our mutual customers will experience. Thanks!

Here is a screenshot of what the Control4 user sees (this is from an iPhone) when operating a blind/shade with Control4 via a Bond Bridge. Note that part of the screen is in French (‘Stores’ means ‘Blinds’ :wink:

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