Bond at CEDIA 2022

:eyes: @ “new product”

Anyone here on the forums attending CEDIA? I’ll miss it by a day. :frowning:

What’s that on the right hand side?? :face_with_monocle:

Edit: ah, here we go.

I’ll be there :blush:. Not sure how much the CEDIA attendance overlaps with the forum membership, but I do expect it to be nonzero.

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Wish I could’ve made it but I won’t be in DFW until Saturday night.

I’ll be @ DFW from Weds evening through Saturday, leaving on an evening (~6PM) flight. Lots going on, but certainly if @residualimages or others are in town do shoot me a message and we can try to meet up.

More to come… but essentially it’s the Bond Sidekick SKS-500… with one of three soon-to-be available alternative keysets. The idea is to do more than just shade control :slight_smile:

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