Beyond Fans, Fireplaces & Blinds

I am wanting to attempt to integrate an adjustable bed frame. Has anyone had successes outside of Fans, Fireplaces & Blinds. I can’t imagine something like this would have a limitation. Thoughts? What about any other success stories with non-traditional integrations? TIA

Many integrations outside of officially supported ones (lamps, floor / desk fans, etc) are possible and some are documented in the forums (for example, Dyson remote

Most of the bed controls I know are 2.4 GHz RF control if wireless, and a couple others are WiFi enabled.
However, if an item is RF controlled within supported wavelengths (or IR and using a Bond Bridge [not Pro, as that model lacks IR]) and doesn’t have some abnormal encryption / modulation, you have a good chance of success.

285.5 - 505.5 MHz (Bond Bridge serials starting with ZZ)
300 - 450 MHz (Bond Bridge serials starting with A/B)

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