BD (snowbird) API - unreliable due to inconsistent timeouts on port 80

Hey @jacob / @merck

Recently (about the past week or so), I’ve noticed my BD revision (snowbird) BOND Bridge just decides to stop responding over HTTP.
The app still works. The app reports it is online.

I began tracing the problem due to an integration saying it is sending the BOND Bridge an Action command but the action never takes place in the real world.
curl reports “curl: (7) Failed to connect to port 80: Timed out” even while the app reports the Bridge is online.

The ZZ revision (zermatt) BOND Bridge does not seem to have this issue.

Eventually, if I ping or wait or cross my fingers, the BD (snowbird) Bridge begins responding as normal.

Is this something you have noticed with your devices? Is there a way to troubleshoot if my BD is going into some network panic because of poorly formatted API calls or something?

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Sorry, I’ve been sick and haven’t been checking the forums.

Unfortunately… I’ve never seen this behavior, but A- and B- series (“Snowbird”) Bonds have a lot of strange networking behavior.

Actually, this could happen when the Bond is connecting to our servers, but this should only happen once per boot. It typically is quite fast, but with bad conditions, it could block everything for a while. If you’ve got control via the mobile app at that point, though, then this theory doesn’t work.

Hope you’re feeling better!

I know the snowbirds do have the finicky network chip / drivers so I’m not terribly bothered since I have a zermatt, but I’ve been trying to always keep at least one device on the earlier version to parity test against the revision.