API Change: Moving to 64-bit IDs in v3 Firmware

[EDIT: we will make the jump to “v3” firmware with this change.]

Bond Community Developers:

Please be advised that we are switching to 64-bit identifiers for devices, commands, skeds, etc. as of v3 firmware (scheduled to go to beta 27 SEP 2021). Existing IDs will not change. The reason for this change is to allow for universally unique ids that will be useful in an upcoming distributed groups/scenes feature.

Details on github here:

Special attn: @alanchow @alexbk66 @aarons22 @danmandle

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Thanks Chris for letting us know.

I already append bridge ID to device ID to make IDs unique, i.e. ZZCC63031.47cc0984

@merck Richard and I checked Control4, ELAN, RTI and URC codebases and we are storing all of them as strings. As such the change will not break any of the drivers.

Just to be sure we’ll test it out when the beta comes out as well.

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Home Assistant should be fine as its doing strings for the unique id as well.

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Homebridge-bond plugin stores IDs as string (and creates a uniqueID property by appending the bondID to the deviceID), so it should be good :+1:

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