64-bit device IDs in API

The API docs state that v3 firmware will utilize 64-bit device IDs. I would like some clarifications for the 64-bit device ID change in order to update the API calls in my ISY/Polyglot integration:

  1. If I continue to call v2 endpoints in the API, will I continue to get 32-bit device IDs?
  2. What are the chances of the trailing 8 digits of the new 64-bit device IDs not being unique per bridge?

Hey @kingwr - details are listed API Change: Moving to 64-bit IDs in v3 Firmware.

Maybe the questions you have could be tracked there to keep it all together?

I found that topic before I posted. It did not answer either of these questions. I have found in 27 years of using the Internet that posting a response to another topic that is months old tends not to generate any interest (or answers).

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