Differences between hardware versions and API

I am using the v2 Local API to integrate the Bond Bridge to a ISY 994i through a Polyglot Nodeserver, but I am having some issues getting it to work between the two hardware versions (those with serial number (S/N) that starts with AI, AJ, BB, BD, BH and those with serial number (S/N) that starts with ZZ).

I am trying to pickup a name/description to use as a unique ID for a Bond Bridge and so that users can distinguish between multiple bridges in their environment. I was using the “bondid” returned from the /v2/sys/version GET. However, for the older HW versions, the “bondid” is not returned. Is this because they are running different firmware revisions or just a product of the different HW? Is the “target=snowbird” vs. “target=zermatt” sticky by HW version or does it change with firmware versions? I only have the one Bond Bridge, so it makes testing these questions difficult. Any help you can provide would be appreciated.

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The BondID field was added on sys/version in the FW version 2.7.10. If you update all your bridges to the latest FW, you will see this field on every bridge

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@marcio Thanks for the quick reply! I have a (potential) user of the Polyglot nodeserver that has a Bond Bridge with s/n beginning in BD. The sys/version information returns ‘target’: ‘snowbird’, ‘fw_ver’: ‘v2.10.8-beta’, and ‘fw_date’: ‘Mon Nov 18 20:34:09 UTC 2019’, but NO “bondid” element. Is this a firmware issue or a hardware issue?

Oh, looks like you found a bug!
We will fix it on the next release. Nice catch!

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That’s me :wave:

Thanks, @Marcio - I hadn’t needed that bondid element before and therefore hadn’t noticed it missing.
When testing @kingwr 's spiffy plugin and it was failing on snowbird but happily working just fine on zermatt, the lightbulb sort of halfway went off.

Glad you two were able to connect and that Marcio confirmed it was an oversight / bug, not some weird snowbird-specific firmware limitation. :slight_smile: