3 of my 5 Ceiling fan commands stopped working after updating to 2.22.6

I have 5 of the same ceiling fan in my house all controlled via the bond. They’ve worked fine (not flawlessly as sometimes it takes up to 30s to send the command) for a few months. Updated the firmware on the bond and now three of my fans no longer respond to any commands from the bond. The other two work fine. They’re all the same fan model and all the fans still respond instantly with the supplied remote.

The commands don’t work when sent via the rest API or via the bond app itself.

Is there a known issue with this firmware? Or a way to rollback?

Not sure I have seen this kind of issue personally (not that I recall at the moment anyways).

Might want to try Help / Chat in the Bond app, or send an email to customerservice@olibra.io to get more timely help and official support.