Any info on integration with Home Assistant?

I currently have my devices (2 fans and a lamp) added through smarthings, but recently after an update control is only being limited to the actual fan lights…

Smart things no longer sees the actual fans. At one point I had everything working through ST inside of HA… But it would be so much easier if I could directly bypass the SmartThings bridge…(my dang Nvidia shield single)

Any news or plans on allowing/working on direct HA integration?

Thanks a lot for the help!

We’re very open to integrations, but we’re a very small team and, unless that changes, we won’t have the resources to make any more integrations ourselves. We are very open to community integrations though!

There is at least one HA integration out in the community: here it is on the HA forums.

Was this a Bond Bridge firmware update? A SmartThings update? Or is it unclear when exactly it broke?

It was after an issue with my bond devices just NOT responding on SmartThings. I removed the devices and attempted to re-add them… and then all that was available were lights . :confused: