My Bond Bridge cannot learn RF signal from a Stewart screen remote

I’ve been trying to have my Bond Bridge learn RF signals from a Stewart home theater screen remote, without success.
Does anyone know why Bond Bridge can’t learn RF command?

It looks like maybe some of their products use Somfy technology for its RF / RTS.

Have you tried adding as a Somfy shade or blind, instead of teaching RF?

Thanks for the tip.

I could do that, but more fundamentally, why can’t my Bond Bridge learn new RF?

It usually can when the frequency is within hardware range and not “super odd”, but some RF devices have extra complexity to their signals. I have taught my Bridges several IR (non-Pro only) and RF signals.

The way that the Bond staff have explained it, rolling code, encryption, and some modulation types require a little more dynamic configuration and cannot be raw taught - the Somfy ones are in this group, from what I gather.