Using IR functionality

I am having a Dyson fan on the first floor of my house and the bond bridge is on the ground floor, but since dyson uses IR am not able to send the signals to it. (though creating device was successful).

I tried controlling the devices from different distance and looks like the IR remote functionality works when the device and bond bridge are within 25-30 ft distance only.

can we add more IR blasters (like setting up an extender in wifi).


Hi @mohanrangansv!

Unfortunately, right now there is no “Bond Extender IR Blaster”… This is a great idea! Will keep that in mind for future new product discussions.

One possible solution is adding a new Bond Bridge on the first floor. You can have as many Bridges as you want using one account and control its devices on the app and integrations.

If you have any doubts about adding new bridges to your account, I’ll be glad to try to help you.

Take care and have a happy new year.

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