Trying to setup and use Bond in the UK

I am from the UK and have the bond device but unable to get it setup. The new Bond Home app is not available in the UK iOS or Play store. The original app is available but can no longer setup new accounts.

Is there a way to setup a new account or get the new app on a UK device?
Is there any plans to make the apps available in the UK?

Once setup and the devices are paired the app will not be used as the bond will be controlled with a Control4 system.


I don’t know what the official Bond team answer will be, but do you have any success installing the new app when trying to sign up via iOS or Android beta methods?

I have downloaded TestFlight but how do I get an invitation code to access bond?

@jacob - it’s been so long since I “signed up”. Do you have to send an invite via email?

We do not currently sell into the UK. We are in North America and Australia.

We do have plans to support UK (and EU) soon, within about 60 days, at which time we would enable distribution of the app on UK/EU app stores.