Support for Hunter Overton 72 — only comes with a "remote-like" wall control


We are considering the Hunter Overton 72 fan, which only ships with a “remote-like” wall-control (page 9 of the manual). It comes bundled with this "Universal Ceiling Fan Wall Control".

I call the wall control “remote-like” for a few reasons:

  • It has a pairing function, by long-pressing the fan & light buttons
  • It uses two AAA batteries (replacement for neutral?)
  • It has a maximum 75-foot range and works with “any brand of ceiling fan”

From Hunter,

Reference the included remote function card for information on how to use your wall control!

Bring ease and convenience into your space with Hunter’s universal wall control. Forget reaching up to the pull chains: Use the wall control to turn your ceiling fan on and off. If you have dimmable LED, CFL or incandescent bulbs the remote allows for a full range of dimming. Hunter’s universal wall control works up to a 75-foot range and is compatible with any brand of ceiling fan. Works with ceiling fan motors up to 1 amp and light kits up to 300 W.

Would I be able to setup a Bond Bridge (model BD-100; ZZ / Zermatt unit) the fan with just this wall control or would I need to purchase Hunter’s optional traditional remote control?

I am a little worried after reading this reply about the SBB (Smart By Bond) is not compatible with any wall controls: do those limitations apply to the Bond Bridge, as well?

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The SBB devices are ceiling fans that come with Smart by Bond receivers and don’t use a Bond Bridge.

With a Bond Bridge, you can indeed replicate the RF functions of this wall controller.
The (potential) issue becomes the Bond Bridge won’t know if/when you’ve touched the Hunter wall controller, so the Bond Bridge’s assumptions and the real world state of the fan will likely drift apart.

See this thread for someone that kept the original receiver in the fan, replicated the original wall control commands in Bond Bridge, and then changed out the wall control for a Z-Wave controller that talked to the Bridge and had the Bridge issue commands to the fan’s receiver.


Thank you for the reply. That’s a big relief! Whew.

Ah, yes, thank you for the tip. Luckily, I don’t mind the statuses losing sync, as I’m usually in the room to check the status, haha. For now, I just use it for voice commands (on / off / speeds).

Much appreciated for the reply and confirmation.