Star ceiling fan and Smartthings integration questions

I am running the Bond bridge v2 BD-1000 (model starts with “zz”) with the latest beta firmware (v2.29.5-beta).

In my house there are 3 rooms with ceiling fans of type Star 7 (ceiling fan with light, remote control, modern fan – Star Fans), which includes a dimmable light.

As part of wanting to have everything integrated with Samsung’s Smartthings (to control and automate), I integrated Bond with Smartthings, and also ditched the physical remotes, and replaced them with Ikea Tadfri Remotes (TRÅDFRI, Remote control - IKEA). These Zigbee remotes are connected with Smartthings, and allows the full customization of buttons, so I am able to control the Fan state (on/off), as well as increase/decrease the Fan speed, and also turn on/off the light.

I am looking for assistance with the following questions:

  1. The Smarthings integration for Bond, currently lists 3 fan speeds - low, medium, high. Are there any plans to extend this and expose all 6 available fan speed?

  2. In Smartthings, a device of type ‘light’ is created, which is great, but it doesn’t have the dimmable options. I understand that this fan’s dimmer is a little complicated, as the dimming part includes holding the light button, but are there any plans to support that in the Smartthings integration?
    The specific Star ceiling fan remote template is ‘A3a’, if that helps.

  3. While trying to workaround the issue listed in item 1, and the desire to change the default mapped buttons of the fan speed - for example, changing ‘medium’ speed in Smartthings to be speed 2 instead of 3, I created a custom remote and recorded the buttons. After doing this, I noticed a huge increase in the response times in Smartthings (3-4 seconds), so I decided to revert and use the template. Question is - I am curios to understand the technical explanation for the delay. Was wondering how a templated device is built to have minimal response times (I suppose 100-200 milliseconds), while custom remotes / buttons lag.

  4. On a different topic - I am trying to keep my wireless signals to minimum. Was thinking of purchasing the Bond Bridge Pro, as I prefer ethernet. I am reading (Bond Bridge Pro | Bond) that it doesn’t have an IR capability, and some of remotes are IR. I was wondering why the improved ‘pro’ version isn’t equipped with the full functionality of the basic bridge…?

Thanks for the assistance.