Somfy shades get mixed up in the Home app

Hi. I recently acquired a Bond Bridge Pro, and have been very happy with it so far. I have set up a number of Somfy shades (6) and some fans. I have used the Homekit Matter support to add the shades directly to Apple’s Home App. This has mostly worked very well, with one weird anomaly.

I have all the devices set up in rooms in the Bond app and in the Home app. Initially things worked fine. But three times now, devices have mysteriously got mixed up in the Home app. Let’s say I have a shade called West Blind in the Study room. It might suddenly start controlling a different shade. The first time this happened, a number of devices were mixed up. The second time, it only affected two, the third time three. Taking the West Blind example, I can tell that its Serial Number as listed in the accessory settings in the Home app actually points to a different device than it used to, even though it all worked correctly previously. Using the serial number, I have to move devices back into their correct room, rename them, and adjust all my automations and scenes. At the same time, all the devices are still correctly in the right rooms in the Bond app and operate correctly. The problem doesn’t happen with my 7 fans.

It’s all a bit disconcerting!

Can’t seem to find a way to edit my post. Is that possible here?

Anyway, I should add that my fans are in Homekit via the Home Assistant integration and Bridge, whereas the shades are via the Bond Bridge Pro directly.

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I should also add that I’m talking about the Bond native HomeKit integration, which is not via Matter. My mistake in my original post.