[SOLVED] How to Access the MY position on Telis-4 RTS remote to use in Home Assistant

I have several Somfy Shades with Somfy Telis-4 RTS remote and Bond Bridge. I am able to set positions, open and close the shades in Home Assistant. I also have set up Alexa to control the shades with the Bond Bridge. Three of the shades are in a Group on the remote.

The problem is in set position for Home Assistant. Alexa knows My position from the remote (can use it in Routines) and sets all the shades in the group at the same position. I haven’t found a way to set the MY position in Home Assistant…it just works on %. Setting the % position ends up giving different positions for each shade, presumably due to the time base positioning in Cover being used by all three.

Does anyone know a way to access the MY position in the remote (with the actual settings for each shade in the Group) in Home Assistant?


The way it work is that Home Assistant would expose the Preset action. (Deep link to docs: Bond Local API)

A hacky alternative would be to use the Hold action, which HA may already expose as a “Stop”, because for RTS it sends the same signal as Preset.

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Many Thanks! I will give it a try and let you know how it worked out.

Using the Cover:Stop Service in HA when blinds not moving, moves each blind in the group to the correct position originally set in the remote. Together with Cover:Open and Cover:Close this gives me complete control of my blinds in HA.

Using the time-based HA commands, the three blinds in my group came out 5-8" different in position on preset.

Thanks very much.


Awesome! Thanks a lot for the follow up. FYI @marcio