Solution For Alpha Shades


Since there is almost not a single solution for controlling Alpha Shades(rebranded wistar shades) with bond/homebridge/home assistant etc… I have been doing a lot of research.
I found out that Neo Smart Blinds supports Alpha Shades and a lot more. Unfortunately they are not available in Europe/UK. But if you are from the US you can stop your search here and buy the Neo Smart Hub.

From here for example:
Neo Smart Controller For Motorized Blinds | Go Smart Blinds
Neo Smart Hub: Blinds & Controller for Home Automation Systems | Blindsgalore
Neo Smart Controller – Home Automation Hub for Motorized Blinds and Curtains Control - RobotShop

If you’re not from the US, I’ve found the same product but just rebranded, even has the same FCC code and app. It’s named Louvolite One Touch Smart Controller Wi-Fi Hub.
You can order it here or on ebay:
Louvolite One Touch Smart Controller Wi-Fi Hub To Control Motorised Blinds Via Neo Smart Blinds App Or by Voice Via Compatible Smart Speaker, Control4 Compatible - New Bluetooth Model C-BR300 (R1764) : Home & Kitchen

These are expensive solution but unfortunately there really is no other way around this. I have the Louvolite on order and will keep you guys updated if they work with my Alpha Shades but I am 99% sure they will work.
Anyone who wants to integrate it into HomeAssistant for example can also use this integration component written by one of the Neo Smart developers:
4n0nD3v3l0p3r/Home_Assistant_NeoSmartBlinds: Home Assistant NeoSmartBlinds Cover Component (

That’s all for now, thanks for reading!

Just got this email from the Head Technician at Neo Smart Blinds confirming my findings and giving tips on how to set it up in their app:

He also attached these attachments:

Did you ever get this working, @dhkb ?

Curious since @stabhead20 seems to be dealing with some Alpha-ish motors too.

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